Personal Learning PATH

PATH is a workflow for Personal Learning Plans that is on focused Who Am I activities, Goals, Achievements and a Who I Am statement.

Personal Learning PATH (#PLPATH)

This section helps the student learn about themselves through activities like the multiple intelligence survey, or listing extra curricular activities. These are activities are taken early on in the PLPLAN development so that they can be used in goal development.

Taking ques from the Who Am I section, as well as personal interests this is where students develop their goals. On reflection, there should be some Achievements that show progress toward each goal. The age group you are working with will depend on how in-depth each goal is.

This should be added to regularly and every teacher should be encouraging students to add to their achievements section of their PLPATH. Achievements should be both in-school projects as well as things done outside of school. Some achievements can relate to goals, and others can just be things the students are proud of.

This is a single slide resume. As the student moves up in their grades and takes new classes, each new teacher should be looking at this Who I Am slide to get a quick overview of what type of a learner the student is.

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