Personal Learning PATH

Strengthening relationships between students and the people that support them.

PLPATH is a framework for Personal Learning Plans that is on focused on documenting student owned learning; providing educators with knowledge to build stronger relationships and personalize learning.

Personal Learning PATH (#PLPATH)

Who Am I? pages help students learn about themselves through assigned activities. These pages may be listings of your favorite things, extra curricular activities, end of year project, sampling of classwork, or schedules for next year.

This is where students develop their goals. On reflection, there should be some Achievements that show progress toward each goal. The age group you are working with will depend on how in-depth each goal is.

Achievements are personal learning experiences that students have done which are not part of the regular classroom expectations. This may be learning to drive a ATV, a training for a particular dance move, or an assignment that the student took it upon yourself to learn more about.

The Who I Am! page is a single student created page summary of their PLP at any point in time. This page may be included with report cards, and be used by new teachers to get a glimpse into your personality. This page is designed to be similar to a resume and uses terminology commonly found in them.

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