For Students

Title Page

The students have complete freedom over their title page. Students should personalize this page as often as they would like.

Information to include on page

  • Student's Name

  • School Year & Grade

  • Personalized photos and videos

  • Link to previous PLPATH if available

Who Am I? pages help students learn about themselves through assigned activities. These pages may be listings of your favorite things, extra curricular activities, end of year project, sampling of classwork, or schedules for next year.

Information to include on page

  • Type of activity

  • Documentation

  • Reflection

Feel free to add goals at any time, and reach out to your PATH advisor and teachers to assist you in developing goals. When you first create a goal, you want to add the Goal, Transferable Skills, Actions and Time frame information. When you reflect on your goals you want to then add Progress and any Achievements you made towards this goal. Once you have completed the goal, add a fun badge indicating that it is done.

Information to include on page

  • Title

  • Type of goal: Learning, Personal, Citizenship, College & Career

  • Goal description

  • Transferable Skills

  • Actions you plan to take

  • Time frame

  • Progress

  • Achievements you made towards this goal

  • Completion Badge

Achievements are personal learning experiences that you have done which are not part of the regular classroom expectations. This may be learning to drive a ATV, a training for a particular dance move, or an assignment that you took it upon yourself to learn more about. For younger kids you should encourage students to add their share items as achievement posts. You should also include any achievements that you have made towards the goals you set for yourself.

Keep on the lookout for new interests and strive to add Achievements often.

Information to include on page

  • Title

  • Rough date or time frame

  • Documentation of the learning experience (photos, videos)

  • Reflection/Description (video or written)

  • Feedback you received from others

The Who I Am! page is a single page summary of your PLP at any point in time. This page will be included with report cards, and be used by new teachers to get a glimpse into your personality. This page is designed to be similar to a resume and uses terminology commonly found in them. It is recommended that the Who I Am! page be created in a wordpressor for easy printing.

Information to include on page

  • Date the page was created

  • Personal Statement: based on your Who Am I? activities

  • Objectives: based on your goals

  • Experience: based on your achievements.